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Mon, 21 Sept


Municipality of Crema - Civic Museum of Crema

Retiro ... what distances brings us closer

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Retiro ... what distances brings us closer
Retiro ... what distances brings us closer

Orario & Sede

21 Sept 2020, 17:00 – 04 Oct 2020, 21:00

Municipality of Crema - Civic Museum of Crema, Piazzetta WT Gregorj, 5, 26013 Crema CR, Italy





In Crema, thanks to the Il Nodo dei Desideri association, and the Municipal Administration,

Department of Culture, at the Agello Room, starting from Monday 21 September 2020

presented "RETIRO ... what distances approaches", a project of participatory art by

artists Marialisa Leone from Crema and Giovanni Ronzoni from Lissone.

The project "RETIRO ... what distances brings closer", born from an idea of Marialisa Leone, intertwines

heterogeneous creative experiences and proposes a new way of relating between artists and with

public: the loneliness induced by CoViD, an unnatural and unexpected condition that has hurt most of all

the more sensitive people, he also brought with him the gifts of silence and reflection, which for some

artists have been transformed into an extraordinary creative hotbed, herald of new, new languages

poetic and expressiveness.

Although called to operate individually and remotely, the artists involved by Leone and Ronzoni have

worked aware of the connection with others, meeting virtually in a geography

human and artistic capable of going beyond any individualism and constraint. Participants are

sixty-five, mostly Italians with a large representation from Lombardy, Emilia and

Calabria, but also participated from Puglia, Val d'Aosta and Sicily, Campania

to Trentino, from Marche to Lazio and even from abroad: primarily from Spain and from Switzerland, France,

Austria and Russia.

"Today, when time opens up to new painful and disturbing dimensions, limiting real space,

but also bearers of reflections and new values, it is a leap into the imaginary space that can

keep close ”, says Marialisa Leone. According to Giovanni Ronzoni “The Retiro, origin of the famous

park near Madrid, where Charles of Bourbon moved the Capodimonte porcelain factory

(1759), is also a place, as a common name, a refuge for lovers (G. D'Annunzio). So, lonely

silence in the company of one's passionate lover, the Art. Condition of absolute freedom

expressive, where every single Artist has generated, in their diversity, but at the same time

proximity, works that plot interweaving of essences of wonders “to the limit of weeping with tears of


Over 130 works of conjugation between image and word were received. The artists who have

participated are Lucio Afeltra (Salerno), Francesca Baldrighi (Crema), Arrigo Barbaglio (Crema),

Joan Josep Barcelò Baucà (Spain), Rose Marie Bellemur (France), Luca Bray (Lecce),

Alessandra Belloni (Cremona), Milena Bellomo (Portogruaro, Patricia Jacomella Bonola (Switzerland),

Elisabetta Francesca Bosisio (Monza), Anna Rita Cacciatore (Bologna), Teresa Cacciatore

(Rovereto), Gianni Canali (Mantua), Claudia Cantoni (Switzerland)

Silvia Capiluppi (Milan), Antonio Catalano (Asti), Lello Cicalese (Salerno)

Carmela Corsitto (Sicily), Giuliano Cotellessa (Pescara), Maria Credidio (Calabria), Mario De Leo

(Monza), Teo De Palma (Foggia), Mario Diegoli (Crema), Angela Filippini (Riccione), Rosella Fusi

(Monza), Begoña Galicia Gil (Spain), Eugenio Galli (Monza), Ombretta Gazzola (Calabria),

Valentina Gramazio (Cremona), Marco Grosso (Viterbo), Christina Lammer (Austria), Italo

Lanfredini (Mantua), Marialisa Leone (Crema), Anna Lopopolo (Crema), Simone Lorenzon

(Spain), Ruggero Maggi (Milan), Silvana Maglione (Calabria), Anna Mainardi (Crema), Patrizio

Maria (Rome), Max Marra (Monza), Margherita Martinelli (Milan), Barbara Martini (Crema),

Gabi Minedi (Rome), Annalisa Mitrano (Como), Simone Mizzotti (Crema), Paolo Menon (Lecco),

Fiorenzo Mussi (Monza), Elisabetta Meneghello (Como), Angelo Noce (Crema), Shura Oyarce (San

Severino Marche), Teresa Claudia Pallotta (Aosta), Franco Panella (Sicily), Mario Quadraroli

(Lodi), Giovanni Ronzoni (Monza), Etta Rossi (Crema), Paula Rubio Galicia (Madrid), Sonia

Scaccabarozzi (Lecco), Cesare Serafino (Spilimbergo), Pietro Silvestro (Monza), Evelina Schatz

(Russia), Maria Cristina Tornaghi (Monza), Topylabrys (Milan), Olga Varalli (Cremona), Ada Eva

Verbena (Pavia), Paola Wool (Crema).

The minimum module required by the curators consisted of two works on paper in the format 30x30 cm

perform in technique as desired, for example painting, photography, collage, thoughts, and aphorisms too

in free form. The material will be assembled “like the pages of a book are sewn” to build

a leporello installation some tens of meters long, but depending on the location they will be able to

be variations in the layout. The project is accompanied by two poems by Giovanni Ronzoni and

critical comments by Massimiliano Porro (Como) and Silvia Merico (Crema).

The project "RETIRO ... what distances approaches is promoted by" Il Nodo dei Desideri ",

Cremasca association that promotes art through volunteering, to which Marialisa Leone,

Weaver of encounters, she has been dedicated for over a quarter of a century. In recent years there have been numerous

artistic proposals of the Association, transversal to the many languages: visual art, plastic, theater,

dance, music, cinema. The project, carried out in collaboration with Beautyful Varese, is sponsored

by the Municipal Administration of Crema, Department of Culture, and has as technical partners

Officine Meccaniche Aiolfi and Le Garzide of Crema.

After the preview in Varese, and the official opening in Crema, for the project “RETIRO ... what

away approaches ”a long journey of presentation is expected in Italian cities.

The presentation of "RETIRO ... what distances approaches" will be held in the Pietro da Cemmo Room

of the Sant'Agostino Cultural Center of Crema. The opening of the exhibition in the Agello Room, with

methods that respect the anti-Covid legislation. Admission will be free (closed on Monday, from Tuesday to

Sunday 16-19)

For more information

Marialisa Leone

Cell. 347 1454 149 number not to be published


"RETIRO ... what distances brings closer"

Curated by Marialisa Leone and Giovanni Ronzoni, from an idea by Marialisa Leone.

Critical texts by Massimiliano Porro (Como) and Silvia Merico (Crema).

* Crema, Sala Agello Piazzetta W. Terni Degregorj

From 21 September to 4 October 2020

Free admission but subject to anti-CoViD regulations (max 10 people at a time)

* Sala Pietro da Cemmo, Sant'Agostino Cultural Center - presentation of the exhibition on Monday 21 September at 5 pm

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