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Crema is like a young lady: elegant and quiet, at a first look, but also extremely energetic and joyful. It’s a leading locomotive in the heart of the Pianura Padana, with ever-growing goals to improve itself.

City of “harmony” (here are built organs and bells, the Fonderia Allanconi is well-known) and genuine foods (such as Salva Cremasco, Tortelli Cremaschi, the Spongarda, the Bertolina cake,..), it shows a silent and sheltered sort of beauty, jealously looked after by its inhabitants, who express in words, stares and gestures pride, ambition and joie de vivre.

And, in fact, only in extremely recent times Crema chose to show itself to foreigners, showing off the enviable quality of life, the charming nobiliary palaces facing the narrow streets and the squares and the churches that tell stories of different ages with astonishing architectures and art.

Crema has rich vegetation - our town is in fact in the Parco Nazionale del Serio - and a great web of cycle paths, which covers good part of the district and links the outskirts to the city centre.

Some of the routes extend all the way to adjacent towns, such as the Ciclabile (bike path) del Canale Vacchelli - an artificial watercourse that cuts through Crema from west to east - which is a 36-km-long ecologic route that joins Parco Adda Sud and Parco Oglio Nord with the extra municipal Parco Moso and Parco Tormo.

Maddalena Stendardi - journalist


A day around Crema

Thanks to this itinerary you'll learn to know and appreciate Crema's main artistic, religious and architectural attractions.

We’re sure you’ll be left pleasantly enraptured by the appeal and the history behind this elegant city! It will be love at first sight!

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Parco Regionale del Serio, with its 54-km-long river flow offers to all biking and nature lovers a series of itineraries.

You’ll be able to travel 5 different routes that will allow you to cover the entire path of the river.

Along the way you’ll be able to enjoy the fascinating historical and religious proofs scattered all around the area (such as the castles in the northern territory, the historical centers of the cities of Martinengo, Romano and Crema, the beautiful villas from the southern areas and the uncountable religious signs spread all round).


During the year the park plans a series of events and camps for kids and adults.

For info:

P.zza Rocca, 1 24058 Romano di Lombardia (Bg)
Tel. 0363 901 455 , 0363 903 767 - Fax. 0363 902 393

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Guided tours

Associazione Guide Turistiche "Il Ghirlo" 

Tel: 333/7376750  


Gabriele Cavallini

Tourist Guide

Tel: 328/2774065



Piazza Duomo 22, 26013 Crema (Cr) - Tel. 0373/81020 e-mail:                                                                                   Seguici su  Partita IVA: 01156900191   Codice Fiscale: 91016050196                                         

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